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Our August 2012 Wireless Developments newsletter is now available. Topics include LTE & WiMAX, M2M, and how to avoid the most common project delay.

The most common project delay is?

Learn about the most common project delay and one of its key
causes. 

 Large Carrier M2M Changing the Wireless Landscape

Machine-to-Machine communications, or M2M, is all about large carriers seeking to capture low data rate machine applications using their nearly ubiquitous cellular networks.  read more =>

Avoid a common project management failure and limit the number of critical paths.

It is a common problem with product development projects that things are late.  Keeping your project on the success track requires keeping the number of critical paths down.  This short video explains why you need to watch the non-critical items before they become big issues.

Avoid delays in your project caused by confusion over the meaning of done.

Projects often slip because people have different ideas about what “Done” means.  This short video explores how one’s position helps define the meaning of “Done”.


Verifying your new product.  How do you prove it works?

An important part of your product development is knowing when your product works and suitable for shipment to the customer.  The video talks about verification methods and the seven things that you need to get right in order to get a test to pass.