Wireless resources.
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Wireless is a technologically broad and complex topic covering a wide range of technologies. To understand a modern public wireless system you need access to knowledge in the following areas: Propagation Wireless Access Data Networking Service Architectures Network Management Facilities and Infrastructure Rules and Regulations To design a complete product you require access to technical skills in

  • System Design
  • Specification Writing
  • RF & Antenna
  • User Interfaces
  • Embedded Software
  • Electronic Circuits
  • FPGA
  • Power Conditioning
  • Mechanical Packaging
  • Design PCB Layout
  • Testing
  • Regulatory & Carrier Approval
  • Documentatio

This is a very wide range of skills and knowledge to cover by most any small team and is a common area to bring in consultants and contractors for assistance. This is the main business of Tech-Knows – Solving your wireless problems.