Project Management Resources

There are lots of project management courses and material on the web, live seminars and books.  If you are part of a large project you likely have a project manager whose only job is to focus on the schedule and budget and has a ton of Gannt and PERT charts at their fingertips. 

But, if you are Start Up you might be doing this yourself  – on top of your system architecture, technology development, testing and other duties.  This material is for you.

Short Video – Avoid the common project management failure of having too many critical paths.

Short Video – How to verify your new design.
There is more than just testing. The video also identifies seven things you need to have right in order to get a test pass.

Short Video – Avoiding confusion and project delays by watching the meaning of “Done”

This short talk discusses why projects are so hard to get started.

Short Video – The most common project delay

The most common project delay.

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