Monthly Archive for: ‘July, 2012’

Bit Error Rate Charts

One of those little time wasters is finding the expected Bit Error Rate for different modulation techniques.  I have put …

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So What Is M2M? An Introduction.

If you are in the wireless industry you have probably heard of M2M (machine-to-machine) communications.  If you are an industrial …

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Use architecture flexibility to reduce product development risk

Product design decision statistics compound to reduce your chance of an early success.  This short video talks about using architecture …

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Wireless Acronyms

Wireless, particularly public land mobile, is overrun with acronyms and even acronyms of acronyms. To help you get through the …

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The Meaning of Done

Avoid delays in your project caused by confusion over the meaning of done. Projects often slip because people have different …

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Avoid a common project management failure and limit the number of critical paths

Product development projects are often late.  One reason, that is seldom recognized, is the problem created by having multiple critical …

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