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Wireless Certification

WWireless certification and development requires skills and knowledge in many technical areas.  Augmentation of your team with our consultants will get you to market faster.


MWhether you are adding wireless to your product line as way to extend your company’s capabilities or creating a totally new wireless product or service, we can apply our decades of wireless design & development experience to get you through the hurdles you will face.


A guide to designing your first wireless product.

I regularly see companies new to wireless needlessly spinning their wheels when introducing a new wireless product.  This whitepaper introduces you to the main issues so you know what questions to ask of the R&D team, what to plan for and hopefully know when to seek expert advice.  In a world where time to market is everything stalling out on …

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Verification Testing

This short product development video talks about verification methods and the seven things you need to get right in order …

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Wireless M2M/IoT is the Enabler for High-value Connected Support

Many businesses sell specialized industrial process equipment to a global set of customers and have remote support problem. These businesses …

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The Dangers of Using White Space Spectrum

As a wireless designer I have been looking forward to using the TV White Spaces for various applications, but I …

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M2M Flow Chart

M2M developments are potentially complex.  Complexity is driven by: The need to attach to the public cellular networks The potential …

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The most common project delay

This short talk discusses why projects are so hard to get started. The most common project delay.

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Large Carrier M2M Changing the Wireless Landscape

Machine-to-Machine communications, or M2M, is all about large carriers seeking to capture low data rate machine applications using their nearly …

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Wireless Developments August 2012 Newsletter

Our August 2012 Wireless Developments newsletter is now available.  Topics include LTE & WiMAX, M2M, and how to avoid the …

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Bit Error Rate Charts

One of those little time wasters is finding the expected Bit Error Rate for different modulation techniques.  I have put …

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So What Is M2M? An Introduction.

If you are in the wireless industry you have probably heard of M2M (machine-to-machine) communications.  If you are an industrial …

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